List of workshops:

WS 1 Imagining Future War: New Perspectives on Military Technology in an Era of Great Power Competition
WS 2 Constructing Subjectivities after the Liberal Order: Managing Anxiety without Securitization of Identity?
WS 3 What Role for Development Cooperation in the Current ‘Permacrisis’?
WS 4 Power and Legitimacy in International Society
WS 5 Stigma in World Politics
WS 6 Waste, Wasteworlds, and Worldmaking
WS 7 Ways of Seeing IR: Visuals and Emotions
WS 8 Bordering Dynamics and Liberal Political Communities: What for the Future?
WS 9 Cancelled: Base Women and Beyond: Developing a Decolonial Feminist Research Agenda on Military/Nuclear Installations
WS 10 Connectivity Projects in Global Politics: Engineering Futures by Mobilizing the Past
WS 11 Working with the Negative
WS 12 Critical Approaches to Studying Apartheid as a Concept and as a Reality
WS 13 Queer, Feminist Perspectives on Discourses and Practices of Political Violence
WS 14 Merging Critical Development Studies and Critical Terrorism Studies: The Co-production of Security Through Global and Local Approaches
WS 15 The Politics of Siege Warfare: Understanding Contemporary Forms of Violence and Resistance in the Middle East and North Africa
WS 16 Ecocide in International Relations
WS 17 Diplomatic Deviation: Ruptures and Changes in/via Diplomatic Encounters
WS 18 Affective Logics of Coloniality
WS 19 (Re)Orienting International Relations: Theorising the World Between Beijing and Baghdad
WS 20 Anticolonial Pasts and Futures: Navigating Loss, Hope and Collective Struggle in a World in Flux
WS 21 Continuities, Transformations and Changes: The Future of Critical Terrorism Studies and Research
WS 22 Populist Geopolitics? Rethinking (Geo)Political Space Through the Lens of Populism
WS 23 IFIs and the Reimagining of Global Politics: Pathways to Hope and Resistance in Global Political Economy
WS 24 Untangling Representations, Definitions, and Meanings of Children’s Participation in Armed Conflict
WS 25 The Multiplex Age: Pluralism and Connectivity Beyond Multipolarity
WS 26 Security Leftovers: The Afterlives of Objects, Sites, and Expertise
WS 27 Is Western-led Globalization Splintering? North, South, and the Future of Power in Global Capitalism
WS 28 Improvising the Future: Politics, Speculation, and Pragmatism
WS 29 Hierarchies Beyond Relationality? Collective Singulars, Imaginaries, and the Figure of the Third
WS 30 Unveiling the Past, Illuminating the Present: Radical Historicism in Political Economy and Historical Sociology
WS 31 Popular Culture and the End of the World: Imagining Dystopia and Utopia in the Anthropocene Epoch
WS 32 Crises and Contestation – Conceptual Boundary Work for a Future Yet to Come
WS 33 Critical Approaches to the Governance of Migrant Smuggling – A Transdisciplinary Debate
WS 34 The Global Colonial Present
WS 35 Opposition Parties and Social Movements in an Age of Democratic Erosion
WS 36 Practising the Practice Turn in the Study of the European Union
WS 37 Thinking, Knowing, and Doing Peace Otherwise
WS 38 Foreign and Security Policy in Times of Uncertainty: The Case of NATO Eastern Flank States
WS 39 Activist Encounters with Uncertain Futures: Hopeful Reconciliations of Loss from the Margins
WS 40 The EU’s Actorness in Face of Regional and Global Crises and Security Imbroglios
WS 41 Pacifism and Nonviolence After Ukraine
WS 42 India's New Developmentalism and Its Discontents