Online Events

Online Events Mission Statement

In response to the need for continuous community building  the European International Studies Association's Online events leverage the advancements of the digital age to further fostering innovation, intellectual advancement, and inclusivity within our community. Our aim is to facilitate virtual gatherings where members can delve into emerging world politics issues, explore career-related matters, and engage in constructive dialogues on emerging global issues all year round. As a nascent initiative, we will actively engage with our members and the wider international studies community to gather suggestions and feedback, constantly evolving our approach to meet their needs and aspirations. We recognize the challenge of online event fatigue prevalent after the COVID19 pandemic. However, we aspire to transcend this fatigue by offering a diverse array of meaningful opportunities for our community to connect throughout the year. We remain committed to uphold inclusivity by prioritizing diverse voices, perspectives, and ideas in all our online initiatives, ensuring that the global community of scholars, students, and practitioners feels valued and heard.

Career Workshops

Our commitment to enhancing our members’ career prospects and intellectual growth remains unwavering, even in the digital realm. With EISA's Online Career Workshops, you can now access these opportunities from the comfort of your own space, expanding your horizons and staying ahead in the dynamic field of international studies.

EISA's Online Career Workshops are tailored to offer valuable professional development opportunities for our members in the realms of teaching and learning, research methods, publishing, research grants proposal writing etc. Our career workshops series will enable participants to acquire new skills, explore diverse methodologies, and delve into pertinent subject matter under the guidance of experienced facilitators, all in a virtual setting.

World Politics On-Line Debates

Our event series, 'World Politics Debates' aims to transcend the boundaries of academic research and engage a global community in critical discussions on the most crucial challenges in world politics. Our mission is to leverage the vast knowledge and critical thinking within our community to promote a deeper understanding of these challenges.
Through insightful conversations we aim to foster informed and accessible discussions on pressing global challenges, from security and climate change to disinformation and migration, to facilitate dialogue and broaden perspectives. Our ultimate aim is to create a platform for individuals worldwide to share ideas and insights, encouraging a more informed, engaged, and interconnected global society. While we do not claim to have all the answers, we believe in harnessing our collective knowledge and critical perspectives to contribute to a more well-informed and inclusive global dialogue.

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