The European Journal of International Relations (EJIRis the peer-reviewed flagship journal of the Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR) of the European Consortium for Political Research. A joint committee of the SGIR and the European International Studies Association is responsible for the management and success of the journal. In keeping with the wide range of scholarly interests represented by the SGIR membership, the journal is broadly representative of the field of International Relations as it has evolved in Europe (see Aims and Scope). Since the establishment of the journal in 1995, the EJIR has become a major and independent voice in International Relations scholarship. Building on its European origins, it has developed over more than two decades to epitomize cutting edge theoretical debates and theoretically-informed empirical analysis that reflects the best of the global International Relations community.

The European Journal of International Relations publishes peer-reviewed scholarly contributions across the full breadth of the field of International Relations, from cutting edge theoretical debates to topics of contemporary and historical interest to scholars and practitioners in the IR community. The journal eschews adherence to any particular school or approach, nor is it either predisposed or restricted to any particular methodology. Theoretically aware empirical analysis and conceptual innovation forms the core of the journal’s dissemination of International Relations scholarship throughout the global academic community. In keeping with its European roots, this includes a commitment to underlying philosophical and normative issues relevant to the field, as well as interaction with related disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. This theoretical and methodological openness aims to produce a European journal with global impact, fostering broad awareness and innovation in a dynamic discipline.

Adherence to this broad mandate has underpinned the journal’s emergence as a major and independent worldwide voice across the sub-fields of International Relations scholarship. The Editors embrace and are committed to further developing this inheritance. Above all the journal aims to achieve a representative balance across the diversity of the field and to promote deeper understanding of the rapidly-changing world around us. This includes an active and on-going commitment to facilitating dialogue with the study of global politics in the social sciences and beyond, among others international history, international law, international and development economics, and political/economic geography. The EJIR warmly embraces genuinely interdisciplinary scholarship that actively engages with the broad debates taking place across the contemporary field of international relations.


Editorial Information


    • Oliver Kessler, University of Erfurt, Germany

Associate Editors

    • Zeynep Gulsah Capan, University of Erfurt, Germany
    • Sophia Hoffmann, University of Erfurt, Germany
    • Jorg Kustermans, University of Antwerp, Belgium
    • Halvard Leira, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway

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