Apply to Host a Conference

Interested in hosting an EISA Conference (PEC or EWIS)?

The European International Studies Association (EISA) relies on the initiative and commitment of its geographically diverse membership in keeping our annual gatherings as dynamic and varied as our membership base is. We cherish our tradition of holding academic conferences in the university settings, embracing the beauty and diversity of distinct European academic corners.


Always loved EISA events and would like to give something back? Here is a chance to showcase your university and its surroundings for the wider European International Studies community – and beyond. We invite our members to send their expressions of interest to host a future EISA Pan-European Conference on International Relations (PEC) or European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS) according to the guidelines specified below.

A preliminary statement of interest should confirm the basic fit of the proposed host institution with the EISA expectations for respective events. It should further specify your organising team and its leader – the local hosts who will be responsible for managing the process from start to finish. All statements of preliminary interest are considered by the EISA Governing Board, to be followed by invitations for full applications in due course. All applications will be examined by the EISA Governing Board and the winning destination will be announced officially shortly thereafter. The capability to host the Conference will be reconfirmed after a site visit of the destination which will follow no later than 3 months after the official board announcement. The site visit for PEC will be organised by the Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) C-IN, which is the official long-term partner of EISA in organising PEC, in cooperation with the official Local Organisers (LO). For EWIS, the site visit will be arranged between the responsible EISA Governing Board member(s) and the local hosts of the event.


Further information on the requirement for hosting EISA PEC.

Further information on requirements for hosting EWIS.

"Organising the EISA conference was a challenge as well as a highly positive experience for us at Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals as we worked closely together on the conference planning. Once the conference began, our biggest reward was to see the more than 1000 participants gathered in our lovely city, enjoying the panel discussions, networking, as well as meeting new and old colleagues.

The EISA Board guided us well through the preparation for the conference and their support made the whole process easy."


Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués & Carlos Sanchéz

Local Orgaanizers of the 11th PEC 2017 in Barcelona