ECD Events

De-mystifying Glass Ceilings – Equality and Privilege in IR


Date: Wednesday 11 September 2019

Time: 18:30 - 19:30

Room: Room 2

Convenor: Elisabeth Schweiger

The event is part of the 13th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, 11-14 September 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Glass Ceilings is followed by the ECD Reception sponsored by Nordic International Studies Association in Room 1. You are all invited to join!


Gendered, raced and other power relations play an important role in academic daily working life. Recent studies have shown different inequalities and injustices in the discipline of IR (see for example Phull/Ciflikli/Meibauer 2018), in the composition of departments, the structure of curricula, and the publication and citation economy. There are indications that a decisive phase is during and after Early Career Research, with PhD positions often (though perhaps not in all subfields and countries) still showing diversity but various barriers preventing further career progression after that. As part of the ‘Demystifying’ series, the Early Career Development Group of the EISA is calling for a meeting to discuss strategies and measures, which have been adopted at different departments across Europe and share challenges and victories. This is an inclusive meeting and we also welcome the participation of colleagues in positions of structural privilege. Children are welcome.


ECD International Relations Café – Deconstructing concepts from an international point of view


Date: 13 September 2019

Time: 9:00 - 10:45

Room: Room Egg Restaurant

Chair: Alice Martini

The event is part of the 13th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, 11-14 September 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria.


The aim of this café is to bring together scholars at all stages of their careers in a more informal and interactive environment to learn, debate and discuss questions central to International Relations. The café will be organised in three main tables which will be structured around a question on a specific concept in IR such as identity or identity but also broader issues such as methodology and methods in International Relations. In an informal way, the café provides an environment to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas among participants. Each table will be chaired by senior scholars which will guide the debate and scholars at any stage of their career are invited to join the discussion.



  1. How do we do methods?: Mark Salter and Claudia Aradau
  2. How is identity formed and created? Who are we and who are we not?: Xavier Guillaume and Victoria Basham
  3. What is security in IR?: Anne Leander and Marieke de Goede
  4. Power, practice, performativity in International Relations: Oliver Kessler and Rebecca Adler Nissen
  5. De-centring Power and Political Agency in International Politics: Stefano Guzzini, Joao Nogueira and Annick T. R. Wibben

ECD Group Demystifying Publishing and Early Career Advancement


Date: 14 September 2019

Time: 9:00 - 10:45

Room: Room 160

Convenor: Tamás Peragovics

The event is part of the 13th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, 11-14 September 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria.


The objective of this panel is to demystify the publishing process as well as other challenges associated with early career advancement in the discipline of International Relations. The point is not simply to normalize rejections in the publishing process, but for participants to discuss coping strategies that enable(d) them to pursue their research agendas under the pressing conditions of today’s publishing environment. To this end, early as well as more advanced scholars are invited to share their experiences. Rather than asking each of the speakers to produce a personal rendition, however, the format should be such that the direction of the discussion is tailored to the specific concerns raised by the panelists and the audience, lending to a potentially more fruitful even if less academic and formal setting. In addition, scholars with editing experience are also invited to ponder upon these dilemmas from the viewpoint of the ‘opposite’ side of the publishing process, focusing on best practices to emulate and potential pitfalls to avoid.


Past ECD events

Beyond Horizons of Visibility: An IR to Come (roundtable)


The event was a part of the BISA44th Annual Conference, 12-14 June 2019, London, UK.

Elisabeth Schweiger and Tamas Peragovics convened for the Early Career Researchers Development Group a roundtable at the Annual Conference of the British International Studies Association on Beyond Horizons of Visibility: An IR to Come.