ECD Events

Past ECD events

Silences are Political! Unpacking Silences as International Politics

Organised on 3 February 2021

Silences are powerful political acts in international politics. They can obscure, discriminate, and marginalise, denying voice and visibility. They are thus political and need to be inquired. Yet, they are sometimes taken for granted as concepts and areas of research. This Café aimed to discuss silences in international politics.


Fieldwork and COVID19: Assessing the Impact of Covid19 on Early Career Scholars pt. 2

Organised on 20 January 2021

The aim was to foster a broad discussion on how the Covid-19 crisis and related lockdown measures is affecting early career scholars in international studies across countries. We discussed what new research avenues and practices are emerging in the midst of crisis, and will start a reflection on the changing nature of academic work and career trajectories.


Fieldwork and COVID19: A Collective Discussion on Disrupted Fieldwork pt.1

Organised on 14 December 2020.

This roundtable provided an opportunity for junior and senior scholars to come together in an informal round to talk about ways in which the global pandemic has, and will, influence early-career fieldwork research. We focused specifically on fieldwork and the impact of COVID19 on our practices of and approaches to fieldwork and collectively discuss how we can adapt to the new context.


Virtual IR Café on Militarism

Organised by the Early Career Development group of the EISA on 26 November 2020, this was the first in a series of IR Café events.

While war, militarism and the use of force are core themes in IR, they are sometimes taken for granted as concepts and areas of research. This IR Café discussed militarism and how we have approached the military in our research and political work.