Kadir Has University

Cibali Mah. Kadir Has Cad. 34083 Fatih,



The location of EWIS 2024, Istanbul, as a city at the center of history and a place where many cultures, perspectives, and narratives cross paths, constitutes an ideal vantage point for reflecting on complex challenges and imagining a better future. As the heart of numerous empires since Rome, Istanbul has assumed a pivotal role in the course of human history marked by various catastrophes but also renewals. On one hand, it has witnessed countless disasters and destructions, while on the other, it has played a significant role in the realms of art, culture, and social change. Istanbul, as it hosts EWIS 2024, bears symbolic relevance in terms of serving as a bridge between the Western world and non-Western geographies. As the host institution for EWIS 2024, Kadir Has University, which was converted from a tobacco factory built in the late Ottoman period, represents this rich and multilayered history of Istanbul.