8th European Workshops in International Studies

Thessaloniki, 30 June to 3 July 2021

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world” – Visions of International Relations


Program Co-Chairs:

Dr Revecca Pedi, University of Macedonia / Thessaloniki

Dr Gabi Schlag, University of Tübingen (for EISA)


The European International Studies Association (EISA) invites workshop proposals for EWIS 2021, which will take place at the University of Macedonia / Thessaloniki from 30 June to 3 July 2021. The European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS), launched by EISA in 2013, have fast established themselves as a spirited place for the European IR community to engage in sustained, in-depth discussion with a diverse range of peers from various institutions, countries, disciplines and career stages. EWIS has proven to be a popular and productive format, perfect for preparing special issues, edited volumes or exploring new ideas, themes and directions in a lively and welcoming atmosphere.


EWIS 2021 will be organised in collaboration with the Department of International and European Studies (DIES) of the University of Macedonia at Thessaloniki. The DIES offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies of high quality, as the latest report of the external evaluation notes, and is one of the most active IR departments in the region. The University of Macedonia is located at the heart of Thessaloniki, a vibrant modern metropolis. Built on the waters of the North Aegean Sea, the city is renowned for its hospitality and easy-going lifestyle.  It has rightfully been a European Cultural and Youth Capital: besides the excellent museums and historic buildings, the city is a big stage for creative young people who enjoy all aspects of life. Gastronomy is just one of them. Music, dance and dazzling nightlife is another. Thessaloniki offers a wide range of attractions - modern art and history museums, ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, exhibitions, galleries, spas, restaurants, taverns and coffee shops; along with their unique exhibits and style, they all offer a rare combination of relaxation, safety and entertainment.


After a hard decision to cancel EWIS 2020 in Brussels, we are looking forward to welcome our dear friends and EISA members at the University of Macedonia in 2021 even more. 24 workshops which had already been accepted for EWIS 2020 will now travel on to Thessaloniki. Thanks to the commitment of our colleagues at the University of Macedonia, we are able to include up to 6 additional workshops.


The 8th iteration of EWIS at the University of Macedonia takes again inspiration from the famous song ‘Imagine’ and splendid album with the same name by John Lennon. Disruptive times as ours may enhance divisions and cleavages but also give us the opportunity to rethink and rebuild the foundations of our community as envisioned by Lennon in 1971. EWIS 2021 will provide an open-minded and intellectually vibrant space for doing so. The conference is currently planned to take place on-campus in Thessaloniki. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and consider shifting to online-only events if EWIS 2021 cannot be held in person.



1. 26/10/2020 – Call for Workshop Proposals Closes
2. 16/11/2020 – Decision on Successful Workshops
3. 30/11/2020 – General Call for Papers Opens
4. 18/01/2021 – General Call for Papers Closes
5. 22/02/2021 – Acceptance emails – Registration Opens
6. 31/03/2021 – Registration Closes
7. 30/04/2021 – Finalisation of Workshops
8. 01/06/2021 – Finalisation of the Programme