EWIS 2021

8th European Workshops in International Studies

Virtual Workshops

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world” – Visions of International Relations


EWIS 2021 - NEWS


EWIS 2021 – our first virtual workshops made history!


From 30 June to 2 July 2021, EISA hosted 32 workshops with over 400 participants. A big thank you to the members of our community, in particular to our 68 workshop conveners who organized and managed the discussions. A present sent with love from Thessaloniki and Tübingen will arrive soon at your address.


Thank you all for the lively participation in our plenary panels on “Imagine a Global IR” with Maria Martin de Almagro (Université de Montréal), Anahita Arian (Universität Erfurt), Vineet Thakur (Universiteit Leiden), Simon Philpott (Newcastle University) and Imagine a world after COVID-19” with Claudia Aradau (King’s College London), Paul Beaumont (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs), Karen E. Smith (London School of Economics), Cemal Burak Tansel (University of Sheffield)


Your commitment to take part in an online only event is highly appreciated. We are sure that the discussions and presentations in the workshops last week went well, provided new food for thought and shaped lasting collaborations.


We are looking forward to meeting you again!

Best wishes

Revecca Pedi & Gabi Schlag

EWIS 2021 Program Chairs



Pictures from the workshops (published with permission by the depicted):