EISA Mobility Fund

Update: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, EWIS 2021 will be taken virtually. Therefore, the Mobility Fund will not be accessible for the participants this year, but moved to the next year. Thank you very much for understanding.


The application for Mobility Fund supporting EWIS 2021 participants will be open from 15 February until 1 March. Before applying for it, please read carefully the guideline below.

15 February 2021The call opens

1 March 2021The call is closed

8 March 2021The notification letters will be sent

31 March 2021Registration for EWIS closes



Mobility Fund Guidelines

The EISA Mobility Fund is designed to provide financial support for PEC and EWIS participants. In line with our commitment to inclusivity, the Fund aims to make EISA events accessible to every member of our academic community, including doctoral researchers, early career scholars, colleagues on short-term and/or precarious contracts, scholars from the global South as well as those who face discrimination and marginalisation.


How to Apply

If you have been accepted as a participant at a PEC or EWIS event, you can apply to the Mobility Fund prior to event registration by using Mobility Fund Application. Application deadlines will be provided on PEC and EWIS websites. Please return your completed form to mobilityfund@eisa-net.org.

We will notify the outcome of your application prior to event registration is closed.



  • The Mobility Fund applicants must:
  • Be an EISA member at the time of the application
  • EISA members who previously received support from the Fund in the past two years are not eligible.
  • Provide documentation on whether they have access to financial support from their own institutions and/or from funding bodies
  •  Proof of financial support or lack thereof must be submitted along with the application form, and must be signed by the applicant’s institution and/or funding body.

EISA will only consider applications from participants with existing sources of financial support if the amount of that support is less than €100 (e.g. If a participant has already received €150 from their own institution they should not apply).



Financial support (€300 per/recipient received from the Fund can be used to cover travel expenses, accommodation and event registration).


Distribution of Funds

Mobility fund recipients will receive their grants after their participation at PEC or EWIS.


Selection Process

Funds are distributed in two principal ways:

1. One (1) grant is earmarked for participants from each of the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • South and Central America
  • North America


2. Participants are assessed on the basis of their application form and circumstances. We prioritise the following categories in determining the ranking:

  • Doctoral researchers and early career scholars
  • Applicants who participated in and/or organised panels/roundtables/sections at previous PEC and EWIS events.