Abstract Submission

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WS B: Being Precise, Becoming Collateral: Cultures of Military Precision

WS BA: Breaking Bad/Making Good: Fostering Ethical Leadership Out of Political Crises

WS C: Contested Connections: Infrastructures, Capitalism, and Geopolitics

WS CA: Contested Sovereignty as the Norm: Snapshots from the Continuum of Evolving Statehood from Taiwan to Brexit

WS D: Democratic Security: Concepts, Practices and Consequences

WS E: Making the State-System Unfamiliar: The Dynamics of the Global Empire-System, 1856-1955

WS F: ‘Fields’ of IR: (Epistemic) Violence, Real-Life Encounters and Methodologies

WS G: Global Governance in the Digital Age

WS GA: Global Affairs’ Academic Writing Workshop

WS H: (Re-)Imagining Security: Between Science, Technology and Fiction

WS J: Security Knowledge Production through ‘North-South’ Coalitions and Negotiations

WS K: Peace in Plural: Decolonial (and) Feminist Approaches to Peace(-building)

WS L: The Local Lives of International Organization – Researching IOs “in the Field”

WS N Non-Western Agency in World Politics: Decentering Practices, Actions and Perceptions

WS O: Thinking Outside the Box about the Inside of the (Black) Box: Second Image Reconsidered (CEEISA)

WS P: Prudence in World Politics (CEEISA)

WS S: Status Symbols in World Politics

WS T: The Commercial in/for IR: Authority and Legitimacy of Private Tech Companies

WS U: Researching Security Communities of Practice: Ethical Concerns, Challenges and Coping Strategies

WS V: A Transatlantic Divide? Strangeness and Familiarity in European Approaches to Remote Warfare

WS W: Walls and Wars: The Militarization of Contemporary Border Security Policies

WS X: Prevention between Security and Social Politics – Spaces of Contestation

WS Y Strangeness as an Asset Self Reflexivity in Global Social and Development Policy

WS Z: Cosmologies of the End

WS ZA Artificial Intelligence and the Control of Algocracy in Security Issues

WS ZB A Tale of Two Citizenships: Negotiation the Future of Citizenship Between Status and Practice

WS ZC Nature and Political Order(s): Exploring Environmental Politics, Climate Future and Decarbonization in the Middle East

WS ZD Popular Culture and World Politics: From Little Things, Big Things Grow!

WS ZE The Role of Fantasy in Imagining Futures: PostCOVID-19 Subjectivities and Transformations of Naturecultures

WS ZF Women, Peace and Security: A Policy Agenda Transforming International Relations Practice?

WS ZG Mapping Non-State actors in International Relations 

WS ZH Paradiplomacy: The Actorness and Agency of Subnational Units

WS ZI  The Political Economy of Benchmarking in Europe 

WS ZJ The Subject of Sustainability: The Politics of “Humanity” in an Era of Climate Change

WS ZK New Perspectives on Trust in International Relations 

WS ZL COVID19: Lessons (to be) Learned