04. 5. 2022

The aim of the Early Career Development Group (ECD) group is to create safe, generous,
and diverse spaces for early career scholars in International Studies and related disciplines.
It does so by actively stimulating and contributing to EISA, assisting its board in matters
concerning ECDs, and organizing meetings and activities.

In this context, thematic discussions and learning concerning topics that are of particular
relevance to early career scholars can take place, both in the context of EISA annual
conferences and workshops such as PEC and EWIS and beyond. The agenda and activities
of the group are constantly under development and open to ideas of new ECD group
members as well as the wider community.

Group members benefit from their involvement in the group by building up networks,
visibility and organizational experience.


We're looking for you!


Are you interested in participating in our activities? Have creative ideas on how to support
early career scholars? We would love to have you join us!
The ECD team is looking for motivated Early Career Scholars to join our endeavour for a 2/3-
year voluntary mandate beginning in Summer 2022.


Main tasks include:

o participation to our regular online meetings (every two or three months);
o encouraging the creation of an online community through regular newsletters,
webinars and other activities;
o encouraging the creation of an offline community through special ECD events,
including special panels and a reception at the annual EISA-PEC and EWIS;
o assisting the EISA board in matters concerning ECDs.


If you or colleagues are interested, please send us in a single PDF a detailed CV and a letter
of intent outlining your motivation to join the EISA’s ECD efforts-

Applications emphasising both the candidate's commitment to the ECD cause and its
activities both her/his career experience and academic achievements pertaining to early
career development will be positively appreciated.

Please send all application materials to ecdgroup.eisa@gmail.com with the email subject
‘ECD Application’.


The deadline to apply is June 3rd, 2022


We look forward to working with you!


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