Online Event- The Shifting Landscape in International Security: A 360-Degree Examination

05. 2. 2024

Date: 3 June at 16:00 CET


The shifting landscape in international security presents multifaceted challenges, from the resurgence of great power competition to violence inflicted by both state and non-state actors. Join ISA and EISA to discuss some of the most pressuring security challenges facing the world today. Neil Oculi will cover climate change, with a focus on small developing islands. Regionally, Olena Lennon will examine the ways in which the Russian invasion of Ukraine has upended the international system, including the catastrophic levels of human loss and physical destruction; deepening humanitarian crises and instability caused by war-induced population displacement in and outside Ukraine; risk of nuclear escalation; surges in global military spending; shifting alliances; growing food and energy insecurity around the world; weakening of international law; and other shifts. In relation to the Middle East Thomas Juneau will address the causes and consequences of the Houthis growing regional role, and the options for the United States and its allies in the face of this new regional challenge. Finally, Christian Kaunert will discuss the role of terrorist groups as non-state actors in the new geopolitical conflicts, notably their role as proxies within the conflict.


Revecca Pedi & Sarah Dorr


Christian KaunertNeil OculiOlena LennonThomas Juneau.

The event will take place over Zoom. Please register via the link below and contact with any questions.