10th European Workshops in International Studies: New Date

07. 11. 2022

Dear EISA members,

We are writing to inform you that the next edition of the European Workshops in International Studies (2023) will now take place on 12–14 July 2023. The EISA Governing Board, in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam, had to make this change due to a number of unforeseen developments related to scheduling constraints and room availability at our host institution. These issues, regrettably, have emerged long after we completed the planning phase of the event and confirmed venue arrangements. Please rest assured that the Governing Board took this difficult decision only after fully exhausting all possible options to retain our originally announced dates.

In light of this change, the deadline for workshop proposals has also been pushed back to 30 November 2023. Further instructions for workshop submissions can be found here.


We realise that this change could have a tangible impact on colleagues’ work planning and offer our sincerest apologies in advance. In order to offset potential negative ramifications for colleagues, we are pleased to announce that the Mobility Fund budget for EWIS 2023 will increase by an additional €5,000, which brings our total Mobility Fund budget for the 2023 events to €25,000. Please visit our funding page for further details and do not hesitate to take advantage of our support initiatives.

Along with our brilliant local organisation committee (Dr Beste İşleyen, Dr Dimitris Bouris and Dr Meredith Loken), we are looking forward to hosting our members at the University of Amsterdam in July 2023.

Cemal Burak Tansel (President), Gabi Schlag (Executive Secretary), Juha A. Vuori (Treasurer)

On behalf of the EISA Governing Board