CfP “Contemporary Challenges in the field of Non-Proliferation/Arms Control Policy and EU Responses”

09. 12. 2019

We are pleased to announce a Working Group 1 (New Realities)-workshop in Vienna on 26 and 27 February 2020.


This workshop aims to thorough discussions of the contemporary challenges in the field of non-proliferation and arms control diplomacy. The workshop will thus have sessions on the upcoming NPT review conference and its likely outcome as well as sessions on the state of contemporary arms control, focusing on what’s up and down after the fate of the ABM and INF treaties, the Iran deal in tatters, the North Korea no-deal and the MTCR seriously challenged. How do participants read the situation and how do they see likely developments?

The workshop will also have an EU perspective, not least in terms of analysing the EU’s performance in the field on international non-proliferation policy, a field in which the EU during the last few decades has engaged ever more and, at the same time, continuously experienced the constraints that characterize highly state-centric diplomatic practices.

Finally, the workshop will focus on characterizing the strategic environment in which non-proliferation diplomacy is situated. While such diplomacy emerged during the Cold War and developed further in long shadows of Cold War, perhaps we are now in a completely non-Cold War era, characterized by a difficult to read US, a more assertive Russia and an emerging superpower China.


The call for papers is now open.

Please refer to the link below.