GLOBE PhD Winter School in IR, University of Lausanne

07. 11. 2023

GLOBE Winter School in International Relations

15 January – 19 January 2024

Leysin, Switzerland

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

I am glad to invite you, your PhD students or post-doc researchers to this 3.5 ECTS winter school organized by the University of Lausanne.


Located in a historical resort of the Swiss Alps, the GLOBE Winter School in International Relations provides a unique environment for PhD students and early post-doc researchers intending to immerse themselves within the discipline of International Relations. The GLOBE Winter School builds up from the idea to create innovative young scholar network workshops with colleagues from Groningen, Lausanne, Oslo, Brussels and Erfurt (GLOBE). It focuses on recent epistemological advances in non-positivist scholarship and delivers expertise through tailor-made roundtables, PhD and young scholar presentations, walk & talk sessions and collective readings.

This year the overall theme is “Facing failure in international relations”, but papers presented by participants do not need to directly engage with the theme. Failure has gained traction in recent years as a concept to appraise anything considered to have gone wrong. It also embraces outcomes of research practices that falls short of expectations, let alone feeding debates on the state the discipline of international relations sometimes self-described as having failed to pursue a grand theoretical vision of the globe in which human and non-human live together. The winter school provides a space to discuss various domains of failure, such as policy, security, regulatory, market and development failures. It also gives time for engaging in a critique of failure/success binaries and questioning how, when, and why something may be described as a failure, by whom, and with what consequences. In short, the winter school will be considered as a success if its participants push the concept of failure in such a way as to widen our imaginaries and projection into an uncertain future.


Please look at the following webpages to find more information and apply online (detailed program, fees, description and speakers):


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Application deadline: November 30, 2023.