Silences are Political! Unpacking Silences as International Politics

3 February 2021

3 pm - 4:30pm (CET)

Registration via Zoom link:


Organisers / Chairs:

Alice Martini, Comillas University, Madrid, Spain



Elisabeth Schweiger, York University, UK

Noé Cornago, University of the Basque Country, Spain

Xavier Guillaume, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Cynthia Enloe, Clark University, US

Thomas Cooke, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

Robert Latham, York University, Canada


The IR Café provides an opportunity for junior and senior scholars to come together in an informal round to talk about particular concepts and topics in IR. Organised by the Early Career Development group of the EISA, this is the second one in a series of IR Café events.

Silences are powerful political acts in international politics. They can obscure, discriminate, and marginalise, denying voice and visibility. They are thus political and need to be inquired. Yet, they are sometimes taken for granted as concepts and areas of research. This Café aims to discuss silences in international politics. It will invite participants to reflect around various questions such as:

  • What are silences? How do they matter in international politics/IR? Why should we analyse silences?
  • How can we make silences speak? How do we research silences methodologically? How can we inquire into something that is not spoken?

This EISA-ECD Café will provide an informal setting where to chat about these matters into small groups with experts and scholars researching silences in international politics. The ECD Cafés want to be a friendly and comfortable environment of debate and collective brainstorming so that active participation will be encouraged. All stages of scholars are warmly invited. So, heat up your coffee and join us for a great discussion on silences!