Mathias Albert

Bielefeld University

EISA Portfolio: Relations with Other Associations

Mathias Albert is Professor of Political Science at Bielefeld University and one of the Directors of the Institute for World Society Studies there. He is currently speaker of the doctoral research training group ‘The emergence of modern world politics’. He has written, co-authored or edited numerous books and written or co-about one hundred and thirty articles and chapters in the field of international relations. He is also active in youth research, and one of the leaders of the German Shell Youth Studies since 2002. Mathias is particularly interested historically in and sociologically grounded analyses of the system of world politics. More specific current projects deal with practices of military force comparisons, the changing politics of the polar regions, and implications of the quantum revolution for the social world.

His latest book publications are: A Theory of World Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2016) and The Politics of International Political Theory (ed. with A. Lang; Palgrave, forthcoming 2018).