Full Professorship in Political Science / International Relations and Multilateralism

21. 1. 2022

Position available at Sciences Po

Sciences Po is an institution of higher education and research in the humanities and social sciences. Its permanent research community – 210 professors and researchers – is built around 12 established and internationally recognized entities (including 5 units jointly run with the National Center for Scientific Research - CNRS ), and is divided into 5 academic departments (Sociology, Political Science, History, Economics, and Law).

Job application flyer


Status: Candidates must have the status of a full professor or of an associate Professor.
Discipline: Political science/International Relations (CNU 04)
Profile: The candidates have demonstrated a strong international experience. As specialists in strategic and/or
diplomatic studies, they can publish and teach in English with a specialization in multilateralism defined in a broad
sense as an instrument of international cooperation, from intergovernmental organizations to non-institutionalized
diplomatic practices. Given CERI's identity, a specialization in an extra-European regional area is a necessary
condition for recruitment.


Through their publications, candidates will demonstrate their ability to conduct innovative and internationally
recognized research. They will demonstrate their integration in national and international scientific networks and their
willingness to contribute to the research programs in CERI. This centre has cultivated a differential based on several
singularities in this field (usages of diverse sociological traditions and the analysis of normative issues). The
candidate's research must be articulated to these characteristics by dealing with institutions and practices of
multilateralism as a mode of international cooperation. The candidate will be expected to co-lead the CNRS GDR
GRAM (Research Group on Multilateral Action) and to contribute to the activities of Axis 1 entitled "Actors and Scales
of Regulation in the Global Space". She/he will also be invited to join other programs in International Relations -
those related to diplomatic practices on the one hand, and to non-Western and post-Western approaches on the
other - as well as to one of the other axes (Identities and Politics, the State and its Recompositions, Political
Participation and Mobilizations, Violence and Danger Management). Specialization in one of the regional areas
covered by the CERI is a condition for recruitment. Applications with a focus on Southeast Asia or the Far East are
an asset in this regard.

Annual teaching duties are 128 master class-equivalent (CM) hours that can be divided into three 24-hour master
classes and 56 CM hours of complementary pedagogical services (1 CM hour = 6.3 hours) at the three levels of
teaching offered by Sciences Po: its college program (on one of the seven Sciences Po campuses) and especially
the course Espace mondial. Thinking IR globally (introductory course of IR at the undergraduate level), its Master’s
program and its Doctoral School.
Candidates will have to demonstrate their ability to teach general courses in International Relations, and their
willingness to contribute to the supervision of doctoral theses. Candidates must have a command of English since
they will have to teach in this language.
Sciences Po is an equal opportunity employer and invite women to candidate.


Applicants must complete their application on the “Galaxy” portal of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research
between 18th January 2022 and 1stMarch 2022:

This application must include the following documents:
• A cover letter presenting research projects that the applicant intends to pursue;
• A CV and a complete list of publications;
• 3 prominent publications;
• A synopsis of courses taught and, if possible, course evaluations.
Applications must also be electronically submitted before 1st March 2022 to Frédéric Ramel, the president of the
selection committee (frederic.ramel@sciencespo.fr), to the following email address:
The selection committee will examine applications and proceed to a short list of candidates who will be
interviewed at Sciences Po.


Centre de recherches internationales
CERI (UMR 7050) is a research center in France that concentrates on both international/transnational relations and regional studies.
It is also the largest of Sciences Po’s research units, with a faculty of 53 permanents, 7 emeritus and 26 associated scholars.



President of the selection committee
Frédéric Ramel, Professor of Political Science, Sciences Po

Administrative contacts
Ewa Kulesza, Executive Director
Christine Briatte, Executive Assistant