EISA Governing Board Statement on the Invasion of Ukraine

08. 3. 2022

As a professional association representing International Relations communities across the world, we are deeply concerned about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We regard and condemn the Russian Government's action as an act of aggression and extend our solidarity to all those who are affected by the violence.


In addition to the unacceptable human cost of this invasion, we are specifically concerned about the physical safety and wellbeing of academics in Ukraine and surrounding countries. We also have serious concerns about the existing and emerging censorship attempts on our members in Russia. We will be closely monitoring academic freedom violations against our members and raise our voice in defence of our colleagues.


We are further implementing new initiatives to support our members who are affected by the invasion.

EISA will provide:

  • A 3-year membership fee waiver to all existing and new members affiliated with universities in Ukraine;
  • Dedicated PEC and EWIS mobility grants to scholars who have been affected by the war.


Those who would like to claim their membership fee waiver can do so by writing to info@eisa-net.org.

Mobility grant applications can be made using the forms provided on our Mobility and Inclusion page.