WS A: Adapting to the Unforeseen: The Protean Power and Weakness of Europe

WS B: Change in EU-Russia relations. Integrating new approaches

WS C: Climate Change in the Mediterranean: Politics, Security, and Justice

WS D: Conceptual histories of International Relations: Emergence, evolution, revolution

WS E: Constituting modern subjects by disciplining the extremes: international histories, global hierarchies, and intersectionality in Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE)

WS F: Crisis and Hope in International Relations 

WS G: Critical cybersecurity studies: Perspectives, positionalities, and pathways

WS H: Debt, Game and Death Squid Game in World Politics

WS I: Decentering IR: on Power and Knowledge Production

WS J: Encountering the Uncanny: Anti-Establishment Esotericism and (Post)Colonial Entanglements in International Politics

WS K: Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives on the European Union’s Security Policies

WS L: Making is thinking; design, craft, and the practice of International Relations

WS M: Multiplicity and the Inter-Temporal, Inter-Societal Nexus: Co-Constituting and Re-Imagining the International 

WS N: New perspectives on an old acquaintance:Exploring the boundaries of politicization in the context of European (dis)integration

WS O: Norms, Rules, Practices and Institutions:  How does it all hang together?

WS P: Patron-client Relations in World Politics

WS Q: Populism in International Relations: Moving beyond Borders and Levels of Analysis

WS R: (Re-)Theorising Great Power Competition

WS S: Role-playing Games and World Politics

WS T: Secession, State creation, and (Post)-Liberal International Relations

WS U: Temporality & International (dis)order

WS V: The Dark Side of Sustainability and Uneven Global Development: Interlinking IR, Area, Studies and Development Research

WS W: The Interconnected Worlds of Security Practice: Tracing the Roots of ‘Terrorism’ in Time and Space

WS X: The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism? Authoritarian and Democratic Politics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

WS Y: Towards hybridity in Civilian Protection

WS Z: Urban Archives of the International

WS ZA: Visions and Impediments in the promotion of Women, Peace and Security Agenda in South Eastern Europe and East Mediterranean

WS ZB: Writing International Politics: From style and methods to power and poetics