Uneven and Combined Development pt 2: UCD in International Studies and Beyond

Date: 25 May 2021

Time: 17:00-18:30 (CET)

Registration: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcodeqppjgtE91jYLq1bSEYTeeSyCbzJB1I


Panel members:

Justin Rosenberg, (University of Sussex)

Ayse Zarakol, (University of Cambridge)

Kevin Gray, (University of Sussex)

Olivia Rutazibwa, (University of Portsmouth)

David Blagden (University of Exeter)


It is now twenty-five years since the theory of Uneven and Combined Development (UCD) was first introduced into IR. During that time, it has been applied to numerous subject matters – from Brexit and Trump today, through the early modern rise of the West, and all the way back to the prehistoric emergence of ‘the international’ itself. With its unique potential for integrating the significance of international relations into social theory, UCD continues to flourish, and to evolve in exciting new ways.

In April 2021, the Cambridge Review of International Affairs (CRIA) is publishing a Special Issue on ‘New Directions in Uneven and Combined Development’. Contributors apply the theory to ecology, culture, literary criticism, science fiction, macro-economic policy studies, and STS as well as to mainstream theory in IR and IPE.

To mark this new wave of UCD scholarship, CRIA is holding two online events in association with the European International Studies Association.

In the first event, New Directions in UCD, Justin Rosenberg introduced the new wave of scholarship, and four contributors to the Special Issue discussed how they relate UCD to such diverse issues as ecology, cultural theory, science fiction as political theory, and macroeconomic policy analysis.

In the second event, UCD in IR and Beyond, we will be joined by four leading scholars from outside UCD to provide commentaries on the Special Issue and to explore connections between UCD and History, Realism, Marxism and Postcolonial Theory.