The invitation for the roundtable: Beyond Horizons of Visibility: An IR to Come 

16. 4. 2019

Elisabeth Schweiger and Tamas Peragovics are convening for the Early Career Researchers Development Group a roundtable at the Annual Conference of the British International Studies Association on Beyond Horizons of Visibility: An IR to Come.

The roundtable seeks to create a conversation on directions for future travel in IR and some of the underexplored and potentially invisible areas of concern that should play a key role in it. Intentionally pushing against the persistence of 100-year-old knowledge structures, the roundtable focuses on questions of orientation rather than stock-taking. At our present historical moment where previous political conditions are collapsing and social balances are in flux, what sense does the study of international relations make from the perspective of early career research? In seeking out some of the intellectual sites where boundary pushing thought is taking place, the roundtable will discuss diverse issues surfacing (or re-surfacing) in IR. Far from an arrogant desire to re-invent the wheel, the roundtable will address the question of orientation, of what we consider should be central to an IR research agenda today – both drawing on the discipline’s past and considering what could form the basis of its future.

The BISA Conference takes place 12-14 June 2019 in London.