Roundtable: Contemporary explorations of the problem of the international in IPS

We would like to invite you to attend a Roundtable organised by Joao P. Nogueira and Jef Huysmans for the EISA Section Doing International Political Sociology.


When: Thursday 17 December, 15:00 London Time.



This roundtable revisits discussions in IPS on the problem of the international in order to take stock of the conceptual innovations achieved by the field in the past decade.  We invite the participants to reflect on the potential research agendas for IPS in the future, building on its contribution to critical international studies, its efforts to push the limits of its transdisciplinary agenda and its disposition to transgress the field’s institutionalized repertoires of analysis, methods and styles.  In the past few years IPS has focused on the importance of boundary traversing phenomena in world politics and on dynamics of fracturing social and political orders.  Given this intellectual trajectory, how are we to think the international, if such a concept is even relevant?  Or has it regained analytical traction in this post-global era?   How do we evaluate advances in the field to think politics transversally instead of internationally or globally?  How does it respond to recent attempts to revive geopolitical imaginations to think contemporary transformations in world politics?  Alternatively, how do we evaluate international political sociology’s efforts to bring the social into the international?



Joao P. Nogueira (PUC-Rio)



Kyle Grayson (Newcastle University)

Debbie Lisle (Queen’s University Belfast)

Sam Opondo (Vassar College)

Ritu Vij (University of Aberdeen)

Jef Huysmans (Queen Mary University of London)