Journal of International Relations and Development (JIRD) Call for a new Editor/Editorial Team (2021-2024)

01. 9. 2020

Journal of International Relations and Development (JIRD) Call for a new Editor/Editorial Team (2021-2024)


The Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA) is looking for a new editorial team to take over the running of JIRD from the present Coordinating Editors Akos Kopper and Paul Roe, and their team of Associate Editors, at the beginning of 2021.


As a CEEISA journal, published by Palgrave Macmillan in association with the Centre of International Relations at the University of Ljubljana, JIRD strives to reflect the wide range of interests in International Relations and International Political Economy. It addresses a range of global issues and leading theory debates. An important part of its mission is to stimulate and disseminate theory-aware research and scholarship in Central and Eastern Europe and throughout the international academic community.


The CEEISA wishes to maintain the high international standing that the journal has achieved in the past decade (2019 Journal Impact Factor: 2.028, 24th out of 95 journals in the International Relations category and 52nd out of 180 journals in the Political Science category) and is therefore looking for a new editorial team with the strength and institutional support to sustain the tradition and position established by the previous editorial regimes. The post may be filled by either an editor or an editorial team headed by one person. The successful applicant / applying team must be fluent in English and have an internationally recognized track record of scholarship; geographical diversity among the members of the team is a plus. The length of the tenure is four years.


Applicants should send the following information:

  1. a statement of expressing interest in editing the journal and a vision for the journal in the next four years;
  2. a full resume and, if applicable, a full resume of all the suggested members of the Editorial Team – preference may be given to applicants who have included a scholar from the Central and Eastern European region as a member of their Editorial Team;
  3. a letter from the Home Institution (in the case of an Editorial Team, this should be the Home Institution of the Editor-in-Chief) stating its commitment to support the potential editor. A statement about the provided financial and administrative support by the Home Institution could be an advantage in the selection process.


The successful applicant will have at their disposal an Editorial Assistant based at the Centre of International Relations, and/or some financial support to organize the editorial work at his or her Home Institution.

For informal inquiries about the JIRD editorial work, please get in touch with Paul Roe ( and Akos Kopper ( Please send your submissions via e-mail to Maria Mälksoo, CEEISA President, at

Applications will close on 2 October 2020.  It is envisaged that the handover process starts on 2 November 2020, and under any circumstances is to be completed by 31 January 2021.