IR Café on Militarism

26 November 2020

3pm - 4pm (CET)

Registration* via Zoom** link:

* The capacity for this event is limited to 20 attendees.

** Once registered, please download Zoom programme in order to connect successfuly and participate.


The IR Café provides an opportunity for junior and senior scholars to come together in an informal round to talk about particular concepts and topics in IR. Organised by the Early Career Development group of the EISA, this is the first in a series of IR Café events. 

While war, militarism and the use of force are core themes in IR, they are sometimes taken for granted as concepts and areas of research. This IR Café will discuss militarism and how we have approached the military in our research and political work. Not limited to a particular strand of research, the café makes space for the different angles Café participants have taken on the question of militarism, including questions such as how civil society and the military interlink, what themes of warfare and use of force are important to look at, or how military use of force can be studied without prioritizing the military. Join us for our discussion in a friendly environment with coffee and tea. All stages of scholars are warmly invited.


With special guests:

  • Chris Rossdale, University of Bristol
  • Harmonie Toros, University of Kent
  • Victoria Basham, University of Cardiff
  • Anna Stavrianakis, University of Sussex