II International Congress Limit(s): Experiences and Challenges of the Human Condition

01. 10. 2019

Generally speaking, we relate the concept of limit with boundary, milestone, end, goal, fixed magnitude, obstacle, restriction or repression (social, physical, psychic, legal), to some line, real or imaginary, that separates something (space, time, feelings, capabilities, strengths). The limit inserts the human being into the universe of knowledge, life, concerns the conquered or the possessed, what is reached; the limit is necessary: ​​it is against a limit that a thing defines itself, takes shape, it is said, is what it is.


At the same time, and on the other hand, limit offers itself to the human being, today as never before, as a starting point, a beginning, a challenge to go further. This projection is an experience to become, the unknown to be unravelled, what is yet to be; it’s what’s beyond some sort of finitude – a challenge to our bio-psychic-socio-cultural-spiritual condition –, and raises itself the question on the limit(s) of what is yet to happen, to reveal, to create. The concept of limit is correlated, then, with eternity, immensity, incommensurability, overcoming, liberation.


The second International Congress promoted and organized by IEAC-GO – Institute for Advanced Studies in Catholicism and Globalization addresses limit(s), in all its assertions. It will take place in Viseu, Portugal, March, 12th to 14th, 2020, and calls for papers in all fields of knowledge. Please send your proposal – title, abstract (up to 2500 characters), keywords and affiliation (up to 1000 characters) – to congressolimites@gmail.com until November 15th, 2019.