EISA is proud to launch its new podcast series “Voices”.

24. 11. 2021

Voices: The EISA Podcast is the official broadcast of EISA. This space for cutting-edge research in the discipline of International Relations is the audible companion to EISA. Apart from our flagship conference, the EISA organises a range of innovative events and activities for scholars and students working in the field of International Studies.

This podcast sets the stage for deeper insights into award-winning papers, books and theses, as much as it provides a room for the critical engagement with key concepts in political and sociological thought. Voices: The EISA Podcast traces how these concepts have been taken up in the discipline of IR. It interrogates their emergence, their gendered and racialized omissions, and their relevance to current debates and analyses. Through our erudite interview guests, a wide range of critical reading, and reflections on our everyday experiences, Voices: The EISA Podcast helps to think through core IR concepts.

Listen to the podcast now at EISA webpage.