EISA Governing Board Elections 2023

09. 11. 2022

European International Studies Association is seeking nominations from International Studies scholars to join its executive Governing Board in September 2023 for a 4-year term.



The EISA Governing Board is responsible for designing and executing the key policies of the Association in line with its democratic mandate, which is authorised by members through annual General Assemblies. It oversees the association’s financial controlling and planning, as well as the management of its events, publications, funding portfolios and membership resources.

Governing Board members are responsible for specific portfolios, which are organised under three clusters: EventsMembership, and Scholarship & Teaching. Each member is responsible for managing their chosen portfolios in collaboration with other board members, implementing existing policies, designing new initiatives and supporting EISA activities using their academic and professional expertise.

The members of the Governing Board work in an honorary capacity and are only reimbursed for their actual costs and expenses.



First stage nominations will be considered by the EISA Governing Board and a shortlist of candidates will be presented to the EISA membership in April 2023. The membership will then vote to elect 7 new Governing Board members.

The new members will replace the current Governing Board members whose term will end in September 2023. The outgoing Governing Board members are

  • Cemal Burak Tansel (President, 2021–2023)
  • Gabi Schlag (Executive Secretary, 2021–2023)
  • Juha A. Vuori (Treasurer)
  • Marieke de Goode (Early Career Development)
  • Vineet Thakur (PEC Liaison)
  • Catherine Charrett (PEC Liaison & Academic Freedom Advocacy)
  • Felix Berenskötter (Voices: The EISA Podcast)

The new members will join the remaining Governing Board members elected in 2021: Beste İşleyen (EWIS Liaison), Debbie Lisle (Publications), Sonia Lucarelli (Online Events & Exploratory Symposia), Thierry Balzacq (Awards), and Corina Lacatus (Communications).

The election results will be announced in the EISA newsletter and on our communication channels in late April 2023.

The newly elected members will be ratified by the EISA General Assembly at the Pan-European Conference on International Relations in 2023.



Please submit your nomination via the online submission system. Detailed instructions are available on the application page.

Deadline for submissions is 28 February 2023.