EISA Governing Board Elections 2023 – Ballot Results

04. 5. 2023

Following the completion of our voting process, we are delighted to announce that 7 candidates have been elected to the EISA Governing Board:



Elected colleagues’ board membership will be ratified by the EISA General Assembly, which will take place at PEC 23 in Potsdam.


The new members will replace the current Governing Board members whose term will end in September 2023. The outgoing Governing Board members are:


  • Cemal Burak Tansel (President, 2021–2023)
  • Gabi Schlag (Executive Secretary, 2021–2023)
  • Juha A. Vuori (Treasurer)
  • Marieke de Goode (Early Career Development)
  • Vineet Thakur (PEC Liaison)
  • Catherine Charrett (PEC Liaison & Academic Freedom Advocacy)
  • Felix Berenskötter (Voices: The EISA Podcast)


The new members will join the remaining Governing Board members elected in 2021: Beste İşleyen (EWIS Liaison), Debbie Lisle (Publications), Sonia Lucarelli (Online Events & Exploratory Symposia), Thierry Balzacq (Awards), and Corina Lacatus (Communications).


We are grateful to all colleagues who ran in the elections and would like to offer our warmest congratulations to the newly elected members.

EISA Governing Board