EISA 2020 Events – Update

09. 4. 2020

Dear EISA members,


We hope this message finds you well!

In light of the unfolding pandemic, EISA has now decided to postpone its 2020 events by one year. Our prospective conference rooms in Malta now serve as overflow hospital wards. So we are planning to hold the European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS) in summer 2021 in Thessaloniki (with Brussels following as a venue in 2022). The Pan-European Conference (PEC) will take place in September 2021 in Malta. And we will run the Exploratory Workshops in Rapallo in the autumn of 2021.

Many of us have been working on papers, putting together sections or workshops, responding to conference themes, organizing trips and making social arrangements for these events. At the same time, the world in 2021 will not be the same as in 2020. We are therefore going to explore ways that allow us to carry forward much of the work we have already invested even while we introduce sufficient flexibility to respond to new developments and interests. We also aim to develop such flexibility regarding submission, registration and payment procedures.

In addition, EISA is going to develop a program of online activities designed to facilitate intellectual exchange in times of social distancing. We are going to cooperate with workshop convenors and sections chairs in putting together an online program of events that meets the interests of our members and in updating programs for EWIS and PEC 2021.

It will take us a little while to reorganize existing events and to develop new forms of interaction. But while you are waiting for updates (including about the reimbursement of registration fees), please keep up with us on the website and social media: many of our activities – such as prizes – continue unabated!


Best wishes,

Beate Jahn, EISA President
Maria Mälksoo, EISA Executive Secretary
Juha Vuori, EISA Treasurer