Call for papers. International Relations section of the Italian Political Science Association, Lecce, 12-14 September 2019

24. 4. 2019

Call for papers. International Relations section of the Italian Political Science Association. Annual conference.

Lecce (Italy), 12-14 September 2019.

Deadline: 19 May 2019

You are kindly invited to submit paper proposals for the following panels:

Panel 8.1 The decline of the US-led liberal order and the return of great power rivalry in East Asia.
Chairs: Matteo Dian

Panel 8.2 World order down. Great powers confrontation up. Again. What next?
Chairs: Fulvio Attinà

Panel 8.3 The end of the global world? The anti-globalization backlash and the making of foreign economic policies
Chairs: Francesco N. Moro, Arlo Poletti

Panel 8.4 Mapping and understanding hierarchical regional orders
Chairs: Ruth Hanau Santini, Francesco N. Moro

Panel 8.5 Political parties and Foreign Policy at the Time of Populism
Chairs: Fabrizio Coticchia, Valerio Vignoli

Panel 8.6 Uses of ‘common sense’ in (re)ordering the Middle EastChairs: Marina Calculli, Rosita di Peri

Panel 8.8 Political violence, terrorism and counter-terrorism: Dynamics and challenges
Chairs: Laura Berlingozzi, Lorenzo Zambernardi

Panel 8.9 New Methods and Theory-building Challenges in Conflict Studies
Chairs: Francesco Strazzari, Margherita Belgioioso

Panel 8.10 Reaching for allies? The dialectics and overlaps between International Relations and Area Studies in the study of politics, security and conflicts
Chairs: Silvia D’Amato, Alessandra Russo

Panel 8.11 Status matters. The role of status and prestige in world politics
Chairs: Marco Clementi, Andrea Locatelli, Corrado Stefanachi

Panel 8.12 A Triadic Relationship in the Post-Soviet Space: Identity Politics, State Consolidation and Domestic Regimes
Chairs: Mara Morini, Gabriele Natalizia

Panel 8.13 Politica, storia e relazioni internazionali nelle opere di Arrighi e Hobsbawm
Chairs: Giuseppe Cascione, Damiano Palano

Panel 8.14 The Reform of the European Defence Sector Assessing Government Business Cooperation After the Launch of PESCO
Chairs: Francesco Giumelli, Marco Valigi

Panel 8.15 Cyber Security and Sovereignty: doctrines, approaches and perspectives
Chairs: Domenico Fracchiolla, Mauro Santaniello

Panel 8.17 The externalization of EU’s migration governance: ethical and political dilemmas
Chairs: Enrico Fassi, Sonia Lucarelli

A description of the panels is available at
Proposals can be sent through the SISP website by registering at , clicking on “Convegno 2019” and then on “Submit a paper.” Deadline: 19 May 2019.

For further information, please contact Vittorio E. Parsi ( or Carla Monteleone (