Call for Workshop Proposals

The call is closed.


The European International Studies Association (EISA) invites workshop proposals for EWIS 2022, which will take place at the University of Macedonia / Thessaloniki from 6-9 July 2020. The European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS), launched by EISA in 2013, have fast established themselves as a spirited place for the European IR community to engage in sustained, in-depth discussion with a diverse range of peers from various institutions, countries, disciplines and career stages. EWIS has proven to be a popular and productive format, perfect for preparing special issues, edited volumes or exploring new ideas, themes and directions in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.

EWIS 2022 will be organised in collaboration the Department of International and European Studies (DIES) of the University of Macedonia at Thessaloniki. The DIES offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies of high quality, as the latest report of the external evaluation notes, and is one of the most active IR departments in the region. The University of Macedonia is located at the heart of Thessaloniki, a thriving modern metropolis. Built on the waters of the North Aegean Sea, the city is renowned for its hospitality and easy-going lifestyle.  It has rightfully been a European Cultural and Youth Capital: besides the excellent museums and historic buildings, the city is a big stage for creative young people who enjoy all aspects of life. Gastronomy is just one of them. Music, dance and dazzling nightlife is another. Thessaloniki offers a wide range of attractions - modern art and history museums, ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, exhibitions, galleries, spas, restaurants, taverns and coffee shops; along with their unique exhibits and style, they all offer a rare combination of relaxation, safety and entertainment.

The 9th iteration of EWIS at the UOM takes inspiration from Bernardine Evaristo’s widely acclaimed novel Girl, Woman, Other (winner of multiple literary prizes, including co-winner of The Booker Prize 2019). This novel offers a vivid portrait of the interconnectivity of ideas, relationships, memories, experiences, narratives and practices underpinning contemporary politics as well as of the legacy of colonial and imperial history in shaping the relationality of the self in the present. Questions of difference and otherness and demand for pluralism and inclusion are gaining more and more prominence in international relations. The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us that global hierarchies and inequalities continue to dominate the present, such as global mobility conditions. What does it mean to study the interconnected histories of international politics? How does history influence the way we relate to ourselves and ‘others’? How can we rethink modernity and the modern self through the prism of interconnectivity?


Submission Deadline

We invite colleagues to submit 500-word workshop proposals with an extended list of possible participants and their paper topics by 26 November 2021. We intend to have workshops with up to 20 participants.

We are seeking proposals for workshops on specific themes within the broad field of International Studies from potential convenors who would organise and chair the workshops.


Submission Instructions

The proposals should include:

  • Workshop title
  • Description of workshop topic and its relevance (max 500 words)
  • An indication of possible paper topics and potential participants (1-2 pages)
  •  A short CV of each workshop convenor (max 1 page each)

EWIS2022 will be on on-site organization, and we are excited to return to face-to-face academic exchanges. Our local organizer is committed to offering our participants a safe and inclusive meeting space throughout the event. We will closely follow the public health and safety guidance issued by the local authorities and the University throughout the event. The full details of the EWIS health and safety measures will be published on our website in due course.

We are equally committed to increasing access options for colleagues who may not be able to physically travel to attend EWIS 2022 in person. In order to welcome as many colleagues as possible, we will accept a limited number of ‘online-only’  workshop proposals. Those who wish to propose an online-only workshop are asked to include a short statement (250-300 worlds) explaining the reasons. Please note that once submitted, online-only workshops cannot be organised in-person or vice-versa.


Maximum of two convenors per each workshop. Workshop convenors must be current EISA members. They will pay a reduced participation fee and will be invited to the workshop convenors’ dinner. They will, however, fund and arrange their own travel and accommodation.

Accepted workshop conveners will be notified by 6 December 2021.
The general call for papers will then open on 10 January 2022 and 31 January 2022.

1.     26/11/2021 – Call for Workshop Proposals Closes

2.     06/12/2021 – Decision on Successful Workshops

3.     10/01/2022 – General Call for Papers Opens

4.     31/01/2022 – General Call for Papers Closes

5.     21/02/2022 – Acceptance emails – Registration Opens

6.     3/04/2022 – Registration Closes

7.     02/05/2022 – Finalisation of Workshops

8.     06/06/2022 – Finalisation of Programme


Method of Submission & Inquiries

All proposals should be submitted as PDF attachments to and copied to Beste İşleyen ( and  Dr Revecca Pedi with the title ‘EWIS 2022 Workshop Proposal’.



Please contact for general enquiries about EWIS 2022.


Programme Co-Chairs: 

Dr Beste İşleyen
University of Amsterdam


Dr Revecca Pedi
University of Macedonia / Thessaloniki