Best Article in Global Affairs 2019

The winner of the EISA´s Best Article in Global Affairs 2019 is André Barinha and Thomas Renard for their article “Cyber-diplomacy: the Making of an International Society in the Digital Age”.


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The abstract of the article:

Cyberspace has become a major locus and focus of international relations. Most global powers have now streamlined cyber issues into their foreign policies, adopting cyber strategies and appointing designated diplomats to pursue these strategic objectives. This article proposes to explore the concept of cyber-diplomacy, by analysing its evolution and linking it to the broader discussions of diplomacy as a fundamental institution of international society, as defined by the English School of International Relations. It argues that cyber-diplomacy is an emerging international practice that is attempting to construct a cyber-international society, bridging the national interests of states with world society dynamics – the predominant realm in which cyberspace has evolved in the last four decades.


The committee comment:

In their article on ‘Cyber-diplomacy: the making of an international society in the digital age‘, André Barrinha and Thomas Renard focus on cyber-diplomacy as an emerging international practice. They skillfully apply the conceptual tools of English School-analysis in order to demonstrate that cyber-diplomacy in not but a technical adaptation, but rather also a transformative practice that combines dynamics from international and world society.


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About the Best Article in Global Affairs award

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