Early Career Researchers Workshop

Early Career Researchers Workshops are one-day workshops organized by and for doctoral students and recently appointed postdoctoral researchers. Organized around an overarching theme or question, the workshops can be used for several purposes, including gaining experience in academic conference presentation, developing new ideas, building up a research proposal, and/or preparing publications. The guidelines for proposals are available here.

ECWs for 2018

The EISA Board Meeting of 18-19 January 2018 decided to support the following ECWs at the EISA Pan-European Conference in Prague (12-15 September 2018). The workshops will take place the day before the Conference on 11 September 2018.

  • On the importance of failure: living and knowing in the field.
    Organized by: Katarina Kušić (Univerisity of Aberystwyth) & Jakub Zahora (Charles University Prague)
    This workshop interrogates fieldwork as failure. While fieldwork today operates as a legitimising concept for a whole range of research projects, the failure of such efforts is rarely discussed outside of passing remarks and informal conversations. The workshop thus engages failure both as a practical and affective dimension of living in the field, and as a precondition for knowledge that is limited by its positionality.
  • Exploring IR through infrastructure: materiality as global politics.
    Organized by: Eric Cezne (University of Groningen) & Julie Marie Hansen (Peace Research Institute Oslo)
    This workshop explores infrastructures as crucial manifestations of international relations. What are the multiple interpretations of global order when the critical role of infrastructural artefacts is taken into account? And how can IR capture and address this relationship between materials and politics? By taking the role of rising powers in infrastructure development, the geopolitics of energy infrastructures, and ICT infrastructures as heuristic points of departure, the workshop aims for a critical inquiry into the ways in which the material is woven into global politics.
  • Ideas, institutions, practices: how to study political parties and foreign policy.
    Organised by: Louis-Simon Boileau (Sciences Po Paris), Sissela Matzner (University of Edinburgh) & Valerio Vignoli (University of Milan)
    This workshop contributes to the emerging debate about the role of political parties in foreign policy around the world. This issue will be explored along three dimensions: the impact of ideology and partisanship on foreign policy, parties’ behaviour in the foreign policy-making process, and parties as links between society and the international. Keeping a strong empirical focus, the workshop includes different theoretical perspectives and methodologies.

Each workshop has still a few places available. For expressions of interest in participating and more information on the content of each workshop, please contact the organisers directly before 31 March 2018. Their contact details are included below:

Katarina Kusic: kusic.katarina@gmail.com
Jakub Zahora: 82540591@fsv.cuni.cz
Eric Cezne: e.m.cezne@rug.nl
Julie Marie Hansen : julhan@prio.org
Louis-Simon Boileau: louissimon.boileau@sciencespo.fr
Sissela Matzner: S.Matzner@ed.ac.uk
Valerio Vignoli: valerio.vignoli@unimi.it