EISA Mobility Fund

EISA is pleased to announce that a limited number of Mobility Fund Grants of €400/participant are available for attending the Prague Pan European Conference. The grants will be distributed on a competitive basis.

To qualify for the grant, applicants are required to: to be an EISA members at the time of their application and confirm that they have no alternative funding covering their participation.

The grants will be awarded considering the applicant´s role in the Prague PEC, his/her professional situation, a distance travelled, his/her level of income.

To apply, please fill in the attached form, attach it to an e-mail with Mobility Fund Grant Application in the title-line to Katharina Krause (katharina.krause@posteo.de) before August 20, 2018.


In order to assist members in attending our events, EISA has created a Mobility Fund and encourages members to donate royalties from publications as one way to increase the funds available for this laudable purpose. If you are interested in donating, in the form of royalties, please fill in this form and send it to the relevant publisher. Other types of donations are also most welcome!

Please note that if in the future you decide to cancel this royalties donation, you should contact the publisher.

Your donations are fundamental to create a robust Mobility Fund and allow especially early career scholars/researchers facing financial constraints to also attend our events! Support EISA’s Mobility Fund! Bank details available here (link to the IBAN and SWIFT code for transferences to be made).

Mobility and Inclusion 

"EISA is an inclusive association. It encourages, facilitates and supports the participation of persons who are disadvantaged for reasons related for example to their gender, race, physical characteristics, religion, socio-economic, cultural or national situation. The aim to be inclusive is reflected in all EISA activities, including in its conference panels, workshops and Exploratory Symposia. Initiatives such as the no-all-male event rule or the organization of childcare at core EISA events support this aim. Inclusion is also a core criterion determining the allocation of funding and positions related to EISA activities."