About EISA

The European International Studies Association (EISA) is a new individual membership based association, serving the International Relations community in Europe and beyond. EISA has been created by the Standing Group on International Relations. Activities will include a broad range of events, ranging from large scale biennial Pan-European Conferences to the European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS), PhD summer schools, Exploratory Symposia (ES) and Early Career Researchers Workshops (ECW), the latter organized back-to-back of the Pan-European conferences.

EISA publishes the  European Journal of International Relations (with Sage), the PSIR book series (with Palgrave) and is planning a new policy-oriented journal on global affairs. EISA will also run a mail-list facilitating communication within and beyond the European IR community.


EISA aims to bring together academics and others working in the field and subfields of international studies in Europe and beyond. It organises conferences for professionals and students at different stages of their careers and provides frameworks for facilitating networking, exchange and bridge-building among different European institutions. Its publications offer outlets of excellence with different scopes and formats, enabling advances in cutting-edge research and fostering dialogue between academia and policy-making.

EISA aims to be a forum for enhancing research on international studies and for stimulating mobility, exchange and dissemination of knowledge throughout Europe and beyond.